The Show Must Go On
Dear supporter of the performing arts,
In difficult times, many people turn to the arts for comfort. The arts inspire us, move us, and give us a moment of relief.
The non-profit performing arts community of the greater Springfield area stands together to say we are here for you. It has been our privilege to provide entertainment to our community, and we look forward to the day when we can serve you once again. The vital role we play has never been clearer, and with your support, the arts will be here to heal when this crisis is over.
Many people have noted that Springfield’s artistic community creates as much theatre, music, and dance as cities twice our size. We express our gratitude to the loyal patrons and donors who have invested in our performing arts organizations. Thank you for the part you have played in building our vibrant cultural community.
We are also incredibly thankful for the brave individuals who are ensuring our safety during this unprecedented health crisis. The medical workers, first responders, civil servants, mail carriers, grocers, restaurant owners and employees, and others who are keeping the city operating, are all heroes.
While these are uncertain times, we sincerely hope all are doing well and coping with the physical and emotional strain of this pandemic. We understand many of you, like us, are longing for a return to the theatre and the human connection it provides. That is why we are making a combined appeal to ask for your support.
We know this is a challenging time, but if you are one of the lucky ones still in a position to financially help, we ask you to donate to one (or many…or all) of the local arts groups important to you.
All of these organizations have encountered a substantial loss in income due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of these groups have employees to support, rent and bills to pay, and buildings to maintain. It will take considerable time to recover from this pandemic – emotionally, mentally, and financially. Please make sure these groups are still here to provide valuable emotional support and uplifting entertainment when the world reopens.
Please click on the names of the local organizations listed below to learn more about them or click on any organization's "Donate Now" button to go directly to their secure fundraising site.
Our sincere thanks.
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